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Tips for Hiring a Great Real Estate Agent

When interviewing a realtor to sell a house, you can ask questions about:

Their knowledge of the local market.

  • How many homes they've sold in the last year.
  • What costs you'll be paying, such as broker's commission and closing fees.
  • How many homes they sell each year

Allow at least one hour to show the agent your home and discuss possible prices and issues in the sale.

This April to celebrate the Month of the Military Child we re including 3 000 FREE Mobile Views w every purchase using our Veteran and Military targeting group

April is the Month of the Military Child, a month to recognize the unique challenges that military children face. Military children often face deployments, separations, frequent moves, and their parents' injuries. Click for more info




3,000 TV Views


9,000 Mobile Views

TV .239 ea. Mobile .079 ea.

Includes 1 Listing Video*

4 payments of


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6,000 TV Views

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Three possible destinations

when your ad is clicked

Number 1

Your Website

Number 2

Zillow or

Number 3

Recommended Add On:

Pro Card Basic $299

Pro Card Premium $399

Where your ad can be seen:

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In up to

5 Zip Codes

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In Your Entire City

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Map Marker Icon

In Your Entire Metro Area

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Every MLS Property

Who will see your ad:

People who are actively looking to buy homes in your area.

Some apps and channels

your ad will be seen on:

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Frequently Ask Questions

How are views used?

Views run from 1,000 to 5,000 per month, unused views never expire.

How are listing videos created?

Using your listing photos and the text you submitted to Zillow.

*Do TV and Mobile run the same video commercial?

Yes, additional or unique videos require an additional $149.

How do mobile ads display at MLS listed properties?

We create Digital Fences around each and every property listed on the MLS. Then we "tag" anyone who walks through our Geo-Fences with their mobile phone and begin serving them your ad!

Can I use one of my video credits for a self promotion ad?

You can use any available views, however unique videos require an additional $149

Is background music included?

Yes, we include appropriate music that plays quietly in the background.

Can I use the video elsewhere?

Yes, the video is yours to use forever!

Can I choose the listing photos?

Yes, either upload the photos or send us the Zillow photo url’s. You can also have our Pros pick the best photos from your Zillow listing.

How many photos can I use?

We recommend no more than 8 - 10 photos.

How long are the commercials?

Both Mobile and TV commercials run 30 seconds.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can stop your listing ads at any time. All your views were pre-purchased and deposited into your account, unused views never expire.

Do the listing videos rollover?

Any views you have remaining can be rolled into a new plan, however listing videos are not able to be rolled over.

Will my video have a voice over?

Yes, it’s created after you approve your video, using the text you’ve approved that appears in your video proof.

What voice will my video have?

You can request male or female voice, otherwise our Ad Pro’s will choose a voice.

Happy man soldier reunited with his patriotic american family
Attention Real Estate Agents

Targeting the Military and Veteran Community?

Here are some offerings you may want to consider.

Veteran Marketing:

Senior Marketing:

For pricing, please visit :

No Interest if paid in full in 6 months with PayPal Credit’s reusable credit.

We offer financing from Splitit and Square


Simple monthly payments using your existing credit card.

No interest or application.

We have showcased more than 6 billion ads, blending demographics and targeting groups to create the "perfect sauce" and amplify the impact of our clients' videos.