Enterprise Bulk Pricing

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Mobile Views

100,000 $3,999

200,000 $5,799

300,000 $7,399

400,000 $8,799

500,000 $9,999

1,000,000 $14,799

.015 ea.

.039 ea.

.029 ea.

.025 ea.

.022 ea.

.019 ea.

Showcase Your Business When People Are

Watching TV or Looking at Their Mobile Devices

TV Views

50,000 $5,999

100,000 $7,349

.073 ea.

200,000 $9,899

.049 ea.

300,000 $12,249

.040 ea.

400,000 $14,399


500,000 $15,449

.031 ea.

.119 ea.

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Possible destinations

when your ad is clicked

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Your Website

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Recommended Add On:

Pro Card Basic $299

Pro Card Premium $399

Who will see your ad:

People who are actively looking to buy your services or products in your area.

Premium World Class Networks

Get your ads seen on Discovery+, ESPN, and other top-tier networks

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Where your ad can be seen:

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Unlimited Zip Codes

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In Your Entire

City or Metro Area

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In Multiple States or Entire USA

Frequently Ask Questions

How are views used?

Views are only limited to the number of viewers who meet your qualification, unused views never expire.

Do TV and Mobile run the same video commercial?

Yes, Unique videos require an additional $149.

Is background music included?

Yes, we include appropriate music that plays quietly in the background.

Can I use the video elsewhere?

Yes, the video is yours to use forever!

How long are the commercials?

Both Mobile and TV commercials run 30 seconds.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can stop your ads at any time. All your views were pre-purchased and deposited into your account, unused views never expire.

Will my video have a voice over?

Yes, it’s created after you approve your video, using the text you’ve approved that appears in your video proof.

What voice will my video have?

You can request male or female voice, otherwise our Ad Pro’s will choose a voice.

Targeting the Military and Veteran Community?

Here are some offerings you may want to consider.

Veteran Marketing:

Senior Marketing:

For pricing, please visit :

We have showcased more than 6 billion ads, blending demographics and targeting groups to create the "perfect sauce" and amplify the impact of our clients' videos.